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The Eighth Grade have been busy preparing for their midterm exams.

High School responses have been mailed and students will be making important decisions over the next couple of weeks as to where they will venture to high school.

The Eighth Grade Mass and Class Ring ceremony will take place on Friday, February 2, 2018. Parents and students will celebrate this occasion beginning with a school mass at 8:30 AM followed by refreshments in Halligan Hall.

It is hard to believe that we will starting the third quarter for this school year. I continue to encourage the students to do their best at this crucial point of the year. Even though high schools have accepted the students they will continue to monitor their progress throughout grade eight.

Science-8 Students will be studying how heat is transferred through our atmosphere to obtain daily temperatures.

Science-7 Students will be learning about the parts and functions of the human circulatory system.

Science-6 Students will be studying about the weather and the characteristics of the various types of storms.

Math-8 Students will be learning how to find the slope of a line and to apply the slope concept to real world situations


Math-7 Students will be learning how to find the circumference and area of a circle. They will also be

finding angle measures of a triangle by using equation skills learned in previous lessons.

Math-6 Students will be introduced to pre-algebra skills.

Please know that you can always speak to me or E-mail me anytime you have questions or concerns.


Mrs. Lisa Correale