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This school year continues to fly by and Springtime is right around the corner!!!

The Eighth Grade students will be registering for High School, Wednesday March 7th, 2018.

Graduation details will be sent home to parents before Easter Vacation. It will include important events and dates to mark on the calendar and information regarding the graduation fees.

I continue to encourage the students to do their best at this crucial point of the year. Even though high schools have accepted the students they will continue to monitor their progress throughout grade eight.

Science-8 Students will be researching and studying about Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Science-7 Students will be learning about the Reproductive Systems.

Science-6 Students will be researching and studying about the Solar System.

Math-8 Students will be learning about Functions and and Scatter Plots.


Math-7 Students will be learning about statistics and Probability.

Math-6 Students will continue to work on their pre-algebra skills. They will also be introduced to geometry/ area and volume formulas.

Please know that you can always speak to me or E-mail me anytime you have questions or concerns.


Mrs. Lisa Correale